Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic Wall Insulation Batts (Adelaide)

From $50.67

Bradford SoundScreen is Australia’s most trusted sound insulation to reduce noise transfer around the home, with added temperature control.

As standard internal walls are hollow with a thin layer of plasterboard on each side, even moderate noise can transfer through. SoundScreen high-density acoustic insulation fills this empty space, effectively absorbing unwanted noise transfer between rooms for greater acoustic comfort.

SoundScreen is also suitable for midfloor application to significantly soften the sound of footsteps from upper floors to the living spaces below.

$ per m 2 ( inc. GST )
Insulation required
Change quantity to see the total coverage provided (sq m)
Total coverage provided m2
Total Price (inc. GST)
R-Value Thickness Standard size Pieces per pack Coverage per pack (m2)
1.7 60mm 1160mm x 430mm 11 6.2
1.7 60mm 1160mm x 580mm 11 8.4
2.0 70mm 1160mm x 430mm 9 5.1
2.0 70mm 1160mm x 580mm 9 6.8
2.5 88mm 1160mm x 430mm 7 3.9
2.5 88mm 1160mm x 580mm 7 5.3
3.1 110mm 1160mm x 430mm 6 3.4
3.1 110mm 1160mm x 580mm 6 4.5

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