Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Ceiling Insulation Batts (Adelaide)

From $44.85
✔︎ Manufactured in Australia
✔︎ Made from recycled glass
✔︎ 70 year manufacturer warranty

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance wall batts are a high density insulation for the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency when installed in exterior cavity walls.

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R-Value Thickness Standard size Pieces per pack Coverage per pack (m2)
240mm 1160mm x 430mm 8 4.5
5.0 240mm 1160mm x 580mm 8 6.1
1160mm x 430mm 6 3.4
6.0 260mm 1160mm x 580mm 6 4.5
7.0 290mm 1160mm x 430mm 4 2.3
7.0 290mm 1160mm x 580mm 4 3.0

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