Bradford Polymax Ceiling Insulation Batts (Perth)

From $49.42
✔︎ Manufactured in Australia

Bradford Polymax is made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibres, designed to maximise comfort and save energy by keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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R-Value Thickness Standard size Pieces per pack Coverage per pack (m2)
1160mm x 430mm 8 4.5
3.0 180mm 1160mm x 580mm 8 6.1
3.5 200mm 1160mm x 430mm 8 4.5
3.5 200mm 1160mm x 580mm 8 6.1
4.0 220mm 1160mm x 430mm 6 3.4
4.0 220mm 1160mm x 580mm 6 4.5

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