Bradford Black Ceiling Insulation Batts (Perth)

From $40.47
✔︎ Manufactured in Australia
✔︎ Made from recycled glass
✔︎ 70 year manufacturer warranty

Bradford Black is hypoallergenic and approved by the National Asthma Council's Sensitive Choice program, making it ideal for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers. Installation is easy for homeowners, handymen and builders. The batts are tightly compressed into lightweight packs for easy transport and storage. They retain their shape and rigidity for easier installation, and are low itch and soft to touch. Bradford Black is manufactured in Australia by CSR Bradford using sustainable, world class manufacturing technology with renewable raw materials.

R-Value Thickness Standard size Pieces per pack Coverage per pack (m2)
3.5 185mm 1160mm x 430mm 16 9.0
3.5 185mm 1160mm x 580mm 10 7.6
1160mm x 430mm 10 5.6
205mm 1160mm x 580mm
10 7.6
5.0 240mm 1160mm x 430mm 8 4.5
5.0 240mm 1160mm x 580mm 8 6.1

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