Bradford Ventilation AiroMatic Powered Roof Vent (Adelaide)

✔︎ Reduces summer heat in roof space
✔︎ Reduces condensation and risk of mould

AiroMatic’s preset powerful fixed speed setting delivers continuous, powerful and effective ventilation day and night to cool the roof. AiroMatic includes a built-in Air iQ smart box that automatically detects and removes heat from the roof space on those stifling hot summer days, so it saves energy and only works when it needs to.

  • Dome and housing: UV stable polymer
  • Flashing: soft aluminium
  • Throat diameter: 250mm
  • Maximum airflow: 647 km/h
  • Motor: 24 VDC
  • Product weight: 2.71kg
  • Installation range: 3° to 35°
  • Flow Rate: Up to 647m3/hr
  • Speeds: Preset fixed speed or four alternate speed settings available
  • Carton size: 520 x 235 x 520 mm

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