No matter what type of new home buyer you are, noise can travel in every home be it from children playing, or from a loud TV or stereo.Soundproofing is generally used for new home builds to take acoustic comfort to an optimum level, so the best time to talk to your builder is during the planning phase. While retrofitting SoundScreen is possible, it will be more costly.

The best soundproofing solution

An excellent soundproofing insulation solution is Bradford Insulation Soundscreen. It is a perfect form of high-density acoustic insulation that reduces unwelcome noise and creates an inner peace sanctuary in your home for you and your family throughout day and night.

How does Soundscreen moderate noise?

Typically installed in both external and internal walls and between floors of a double story home, Soundscreen insulation reduces noise transfer between rooms and living areas by creating a barrier to sound.

Soundscreen pricing

New home buyers will be pleased to know that SoundScreen is reasonably priced. Preferably installed during construction, most builders offer SoundScreen at approximately $400 per room, which is doable considering long-standing inner home peace will be achieved. Make sure to do your research and to chat to your builders about acoustic insulation options before construction begins on your new home.

Where should I install SoundScreen?

Some living areas in your home will need to be more quiet and peaceful, but this can vary with different homeowners. For example, families with different aged children will need to make bedrooms and family rooms, including TV rooms, soundproof. Kitchens and laundries are other areas in a home that generate noise from dishwashers, gadgets, dryers and so forth. Home offices are also often required to remain quiet particularly if someone is working from home or kids are using computers for homework and projects.

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